International institute of Wealth Creation IIOWC02 The seven rules of privacy


Boundary of ownership:

anyone born on planet earth has birthright to own a space upon earth and boundary of it; is boundary of ownership.

Seven rules of privacy

1. Any type of runoff should not cross the boundary of ownership.

2. Any advertisement should not intrude other than willingly opted.

3. Any type of fume, gas, dust, or bad odor should not cross the “boundary of ownership”.

4. Any sort of sound above 60 decibels should not cross the “boundaries of ownership”.

5. Any obstruction of sun rays for more than three hour should not intrude on others “boundary of ownership”.

6. Personal space is sacred space and no one had any sort of right to intrude it without specific permission of owner

7. Neither of any living thing nor other substance without life; should cross “boundary of ownership” without specifically asked.